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Born and educated in Hannover, Germany, Marlen Lihou now lives in Buckinghamshire after a time in Switzerland, Austria and Belgium.

Her first art lessons in perspective drawing and watercolours were at 12 years old from her father, a creative mentor primarily involved in advertising.

1996 saw her formally return back to art with a course at Eastleigh College, Hampshire. She went on to compete a two-year program involving different styles and mediums earning her an NCFE certificate.

After an exhibition at the German Embassy in London in 1998, she took part in a competition organised by Eastleigh College in 2000 which rewarded her with the first prize. In 2002, Marlen presented her work at an international art exhibition in Waiblingen, Germany where her pictures attracted further interest.

Vivid colours and very detailed work determine her realistic style. Sometimes this is interspersed with some fantasy - such as a blue sunflower or collection of fruit in a desert scene.

Having started with watercolours and pastels, she principally works with acrylic on canvas. Although her work is varied, she has a sympathy for flowers.

Marlens Motto: "For me, art is like a therapy in which I forget time and space"

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